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Charting the Impact of the World Food Prize Winners

  Download Printable PDF here.

Global Issues Infographic Oct 14, 2020

Video: Norman Borlaug 100 Years Tribute from World Food Prize

Watch this video to learn about the phenomenal legacy of Dr. Norman Borlaug, plant breeder, Nobel Prize laureate and World Food Prize founder. “When you talk about food security, it doesn’t take very long for the name Norman Borlaug to come up,” said former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. “He dedicated his entire life […]

Global Issues Video Oct 02, 2017

Food Heroes Celebrated at World Food Prize

CropLife International has launched its  Food Heroes campaign, which not only celebrates the farmers that grow our food, but also the plant scientists that help farmers with crop protection products and improved seeds. See the press release here.

Global Issues News Item Oct 12, 2016

Farmers and the World Food Prize Laureates Who Changed Their Lives


Global Issues Webpage Oct 12, 2016

Respecting the Spirit of the World Food Prize: Addressing Hunger Through Science

Respecting the Spirit of the World Food Prize: Addressing Hunger Through Science By Michael Michener, Director of Sustainability Policy, CropLife International The World Food Prize, held each October in Des Moines, is both a celebration of Norman Borlaug’s life and work, and a forum for advancing the science of agriculture. Reflecting on this year’s event, […]

Global Issues Webpage Oct 23, 2015

Founders of Modern Biotechnology Win 2013 World Food Prize

The World Food Prize is the Nobel Peace Prize of the food world – the preeminent international award that honors individuals who have advanced human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food. Their achievements may be in food science, technology, manufacturing, marketing, nutrition, agricultural economics, poverty alleviation, political leadership or social sciences. […]

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Webpage Apr 23, 2014

Food Security and Beyond: The Intersection of Agriculture with Climate Change, Biodiversity and Social Rights

It’s been 50 years since Norman Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to global food security. Over the last half-century, agriculture has leveraged science and innovation to continue the Green Revolution that Dr. Borlaug started to help grow rural communities and agricultural economies, and sustainably feed our population. This year’s recognition […]

Global Issues interview Oct 14, 2020

How much do you know about agricultural achievements that have won the Nobel Prize?

October is Nobel Prize month — when individuals and institutions are recognized for academic, cultural and scientific advances. Several Nobel Laureates are scientists and humanitarians that have been acknowledged for their contributions to the agricultural sciences and have impacted food and nutrition security. Fifty years ago, Dr. Norman Borlaug, the “Father of the Green Revolution,” […]

Global Issues Quiz Oct 14, 2020

Biotech #FoodHeroes: Mary-Dell Chilton

Mary-Dell Chilton Dr. Mary-Dell Chilton has often been called the “Queen of Agrobacterium.” But the now-retired distinguished science fellow at Syngenta isn’t one to put on regal airs, even as she pioneers advances in agriculture and paves the way for other women to succeed in science. That’s because Chilton values teamwork. She duly credits her […]

Webpage Sep 03, 2020

Female #FoodHeroes: Jean Lonie

Jean Lonie Jean is the relationship manager for Nuffield International Farming Scholars. She works with farmers, ranchers, fishers, and agri-professionals around the world to encourage and support them as they use travel and research to grow as people and, ultimately, as leaders in agriculture.   How did you become involved with Nuffield? The Nuffield Farming […]

Webpage Feb 25, 2019

Next Green Revolution: How Farmers will feed a Warmer World webcast

On 16 October 2013, five farmers from around the globe came together at the 2013 World Food Prize to discuss how climate change is creating new and demanding challenges for them. Hear how they are looking to new agricultural technologies and farm management practices to improve the resilience and reliability of their farms in the future.

Global Issues Video Oct 21, 2013

Our Discussion on the Future of Farming

CropLife International and Devex hosted a panel at the World Food Prize where Julie Borlaug, Vice President of Communications and PR at Inari, Sarah Hovinga, Senior Scientist at Bayer, Patience Koku and Nyasha Mudukutiof the Global Farmer Network, and Bonnie McClafferty, Director of the Food Value Chain at the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition explored how innovations and […]

Global Issues Video Oct 28, 2018

Scaling Up Nutrition

Dr. David Nabarro and Dr. Lawrence Haddad are the 2018 World Food Prize laureates for their work in nutrition. Both are involved in the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN Initiative) which brings together governments and organizations to end malnutrition by 2030. Check out SUN’s work on nutrition and the SDGs. More resources can be found here.

Global Issues Infographic Sep 23, 2018

‘Oscars of Agriculture’ Recognize Humanitarians

The World Food Prize, known to some as the Oscars of agriculture, is awarded annually to one or more individuals who have made a great achievement in furthering sustainable agriculture and global food security. Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, president of the World Food Prize Foundation, tells us more.     What inspired you to take the […]

Global Issues interview Oct 02, 2017

10 Greatest Contributors to Sustainable Farming

In honor of World Food Day Oct. 16, this month is the perfect time to recognize the World Food Prize founder and some of the laureates who were pioneers in plant breeding and sustainable food production. Tweet us @CropLifeIntl and let us know who would be on your list!   The Father of The Green […]

Global Issues Document Oct 02, 2017