Pollinators play a vital role in growing many of the world’s key crops – one third of global food production is improved with the help of pollinators, most of which is performed by bees.

Recently there have been reports of increased over-wintering losses in managed honey bees across the northern hemisphere, and the crop protection industry has committed to support research into pollinator health and to promote farming practices that support the health of pollinators.

There are many factors that affect pollinator health, such as pests and diseases, management practices, weather, the environment, agricultural practices, and the availability and quality of food sources.

Here are some key resources to explain the role of pollinators in agriculture, and the role of the crop protection industry to safeguard pollinators:

Facts and Quotes. Global facts and expert quotes related to the role of pollinators in agriculture, factors affecting pollinator health and the need to protect pollinators. 

Global Roundup. An overview on the development of pollinator health issues in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Africa.

Stewardship GuidelinesAdvice on best practices for using crop protection products. 

Factors Affecting Global Bee Health. Focus on the pests and diseases affecting bee health including a summary on how these relate to the causes of bee colony losses.

Here are some great pollinator resources from the global CropLife network

CropLife Latin America: Pollinator health website 

CropLife Canada: Protecting Pollinators | Bees matter website ǀ What are insecticide treated seeds? ǀ Commercial honeybees in Canada ǀ Pollinator projects ǀ Farmers’ perspectives ǀ Photo gallery ǀ Further resources

CropLife America: Honeybees and varroa infographic ǀ Honey production state by state ǀ Busy bees benefit modern agriculture | The Pollinator Health PuzzleWorking together to keep bees in the field and pests out!

CropLife Africa Middle East: Pesticides and Pollinators 

CropLife Australia:  Pollinator Protection Initiative ǀ Bee Connected phone app ǀ Seed treatment stewardship guide 

CropLife Europe: A summary of the issue

     GMO Answers: GMOs & Pollinators: Protecting Biodiversity | Are GMOs Causing a Decline in Bees?

Check out other useful resources at the following links: 

Neonicotinoids and the Health of Honey Bees in Australia – Australian Government 

Thematic assessment of pollinators, pollination and food production– IPBES 

Bees and canola – Canola Council of Canada

Managing Pesticide Risk to Insect Pollinators – OECD