Partnerships to Train Farmers Around the World

Ensuring that farmers are trained on the most environmentally sound and responsible methods for protecting their crops from pests is central for the plant science industry. Since 2005, the global CropLife network has formed over 300 partnerships to successfully train more than 3 million agricultural workers worldwide in integrated pest management and the responsible use of crop protection products. The projects below are powerful examples of how public-private partnerships and good agricultural practices can address hunger and poverty around the world. If you would like to partner with CropLife International contact


Mexico produces more than a third of the world’s avocados, a vast majority of which are exported. But different countries have different import requirements, making it difficult for many smallholders to meet the varied and ever-changing regulations. With support from industry associations including the Mexican Avocado Growers and Packers Association and PROCCYT, the leading Mexican crop protection association, farmers are working to overcome these challenges to become better trade partners.


Afipa, the Chilean crop protection association, partnered with Driscoll's, a seller of fresh berries, in order to train farmers on the safety of the fruit that Driscoll’s exports, ensuring that it complies with importing country regulatory systems, as well as verifying that their producers use the best practices in the fields and with their workers.


In Ethiopia, a country with one of the fastest growing urban populations, smallholder farmers play a vital role in feeding the cities. But these farmers also need help protecting their crops. In 2016 CropLife Africa Middle East joined forces with the Dutch international development organization, SNV, and the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, to deliver a three-year training program.


In 2016, CropLife International partnered with the German international development organization GIZ and the Vietnamese government to train rice farmers in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. The three-year project aimed to help improve productivity and profitability for 15,000 rice farming families. At least 300 pesticide retailers were also trained to help farmers identify the correct crop protection products and use them responsibly.


CropLife Latin America formed a partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to train Honduran farmers in good agricultural practices. The aim was to help lift 108,000 rural Hondurans out of extreme poverty by teaching farmers how to protect their crops from pests and disease.


CropLife Africa Middle East entered into a two-year partnership with the World Cocoa Foundation to train professional Spray Service Providers in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon. It forms part of the WCF’s African Cocoa Initiative.


CropLife International, CropLife Asia and CropLife India partnered with two local organisations in the Adoni region of Andhra Pradesh, India, to provide training on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), responsible use and the secure storage of crop protection products.

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