Meet the Crop Protectors

It takes a lot of different people to protect our food from pests when it’s growing in the field, harvested, stored and transported to market. All these people have one thing in common: they are helping to make Integrated Pest Management happen. Click on the photos below to meet the Crop Protectors who play an important role in feeding the world.

Hanlie Pretorius

Maize farmer, Groblersdal, South Africa

Jake Leguee

Grain, Oilseed and Special Crop farmer, Saskatchewan, Canada

Paul Temple

Beef & Arable Farmer, Yorkshire, UK

Eduardo Chagas Ferreira da Silva

Agronomist and plant pathologist, USA

Ruramiso Mashumba

Farmer and advocate, Zimbabwe

Phan Anh Tu

Government trainer, Vietnam

Me Thi Le

Rice Farmer, Vietnam

Hung Van Tu

Rice Farmer, Vietnam

My Trang

Third-generation rice Farmer, Vietnam

Jake Freestone

Farmer, United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Ulisses Antoniassi

Professor at Sao Paulo State University, Brazil

Josh Dillman

Soil and Water Conservation Engineer, Canada

Dr. Sampa Das

Plant Scientist, India

Cecilia Mejia Dominguez

Farmer, Honduras

Emiliano Dominguez

Farmer, Honduras

Cecilia Pokuaa

Farmer, Ghana

Lawrence Owusu

Farmer, Ghana

Bill Crabtree

Farmer, consultant and sustainable agriculture student, Australia

Harley Combs

Agronomist, U.S

Ben Gleason

Program Manager, Iowa Corn Growers Association, U.S

Agnes Quaye

Farmer, Ghana

Mohamed Matinur Rahman

Farmer, Bangladesh

Bella Galhos

Farmer, East Timor

Ramachandra Murthy

Project Manager, India

Abdu Rahim

Farmer and spray service provider, Ghana

Celia Medina

Associate Professor, University of Los Banos, Philippines

Chirene Jelbert

Technical Area Manager, Bayer CropScience, South Africa

Florian Weihrauch

Biologist, Hop Research Institute , Germany

Jude Grosser

Professor in Breeding and Genetics, University of Florida, U.S

Arzu Sezer

Mycologist, Hazelnut Research Institute, Turkey

Sipasi Olalekan Ayodele

Farmer and entrepreneur, Nigeria

Pavitar Pal Singh Pangli

Farmer and educator, India

Pierre Kamere Munyura

Farmer and innovator, Rwanda

Richard Fordyce

Farmer, United States

Arie Sulistyani

Farmer and microbiologist, Indonesia