Step 2: Monitor Pests

Monitor crops for pests

The Crop Protectors regularly monitor their crops for signs of pest damage. That way, they’re ready to take action when it’s necessary.

Farmers are always inspecting their fields to see what action may be required to defend against pests and protect their crops. The Crop Protectors work hard to stay on top of insects, diseases and weeds, and they make smart decisions to control them in a safe and sustainable way.

Here are some of the Monitoring tools in a farmer’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) toolbox:

  • Routine inspections: Walking through a field or flying over it with a drone.
  • Assessment tools: Pheromone traps, diagnostic and forecasting systems, geographic information systems and remote-sensing techniques.
  • Decision-making tools: Pegboards, computers, trained local experts and remote-sensing technologies.



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