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For many years, the plant science industry has supported the collection and recycling of empty pesticide containers, as well as the collection, safeguarding and destruction of expired pesticides. CleanFARMS is one of many global brands that represent container management and obsolete stock programs around the world. The brand is essentially a trade mark, signifying programs that are supported by the global CropLife network.

Originally developed by CropLife Canada, the brand has been made available to members of the global CropLife network that are implementing container management programs. The CleanFARMS brand is an effective tool to promote and align recycling efforts in a country or region; build awareness of programs among external stakeholders; and communicate the industry’s commitment to help farmers protect the environment.

Click here to download the CleanFARMS fact sheet and learn more about the CleanFARMS program and what criteria is required to adopt the CleanFARMS brand.