Program Areas

Research & Design

The plant science industry is working to continually produce better, easier to handle and more environmentally sensitive packaging. This is a crucial phase of container management, as manufacturers can focus on preventing packaging waste at its source. Such innovations include:

  • small, ready-to-use packs (suitable size for backpack sprayers)
  • multi-trip, returnable containers
  • one-way, single-trip containers made of recyclable materials

Currently, one-way containers are most commonly used, with increasing use of multi-trip containers wherever practical.


Training for Responsible Use

The global CropLife International network invests considerably in the training of distributors, retailers and growers. From 2005-2012, almost 3.5 million individuals were trained to ensure responsible use of crop protection products and safe, appropriate disposal of empty containers. Training that relates to container management includes:

  • purchasing appropriate-sized containers
  • never decanting crop protection products into other containers
  • never using empty containers for other uses
  • properly cleaning and preparing empty containers for collection and recycling using the triple-rinse method


Collection & Recycling

The plant science industry supports a range of different programs that enable the collection and recycling of properly rinsed containers in specific countries. These programs are supported or delivered by regional and national CropLife associations. Plastic collected through these programs can be converted into a variety of useful products such as fence-posts, parking cones or drainage pipes.

Proper test analysis utilizing the micro-extraction method, that now includes two additional active ingredients, should be carried out before recommending any end use (a copy of the Standard of Procedures for this test and its extension made in December 2014 can be obtained upon request at  In areas where recycling is not yet an option, the industry promotes appropriate disposal of containers.