Triple Rinse

Triple rinsing empty containers is the recommended method promoted by the global CropLife network. Triple rinsing containers with water can remove 99.99% or more of product residue. Similar results can be achieved with integrated pressure rinsing using specialized equipment incorporated in some modern spray application equipment. Containers that are rinsed as described above should be regarded as non-hazardous as described here.

Four videos are available on Triple rinsing:

Triple rinse method (CropLife Latin America)

Sprayers with integrated rinsing system (ECPA)

Sprayers without rinsing system (ECPA)

Knapsack sprayer (ECPA)

Click here to download the triple rinse poster which communicates the three key steps of triple rinsing. CropLife International encourages use of this poster to help educate farmers about preparing empty containers for collection and recycling. Triple Rinsing-poster