Biotech #FoodHeroes: Baorong Lu

Baorong Lu

In choosing a profession, Bao-Rung Lu took an old Chinese saying to heart: “Food is heaven for people.”

“That is why I have devoted my whole life to agriculture-related scientific research, particularly biotechnology, which is an effective tool for food production and environmental protection,” says Lu, a professor at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.

Lu’s goal is not simply to give people a little taste of heaven at each meal, but to ensure that his countrymen — and people everywhere — have enough to eat.

“With the rapid increase in global human population and diminishment of arable lands, in addition to the degradation of agro-ecosystems, the biggest challenge in agriculture today is the production of sufficient foods to meet human demands.”


Lu’s research is focused on rice — identifying varieties for breeding, assessing the safety of genetically modified (GM) rice and studying the potential ecological impacts of transgene escape on wild varieties. Equally important, he shares the scientific knowledge he’s accumulated about GM crops to help reassure consumers about their value and safety.

“I am currently doing a lot of scientific communication and education work,” says Lu, who publishes extensively and serves on the editorial boards of numerous international and national scientific journals. “The purpose of doing so is to let every person understand the importance of biotechnology in global food security and the scientific background of biotechnology. So, I try do everything to let people get out from ‘rumors’ and trust the foods developed from biotechnologies with biosafety certificates.”