Eduardo Chagas Ferreira da Silva

Eduardo Chagas Ferreira da Silva

Agronomist and plant pathologist, USA

The use of Integrated Pest Management is essential to reduce the risk of pest resistance and to ensure the sustainable development of the agriculture worldwide.

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The key is to integrate and optimize agricultural inputs, says Eduardo

Eduardo is an agronomist, plant pathologist and research scientist, testing new crop protection technologies to manage diseases, insects, weeds and environmental stresses in corn, soybean, and wheat. 

Having grown up on a family farm, he says he knew from a young age this would be his career path. “I grew up surrounded by corn. Since my undergraduate in Agronomy Engineering, I have been working in different areas in plant pathology.”

“My goal is to integrate and optimize the use of conventional chemicals, biological control agents, plant growth regulators and plant nutrients to manage pests, reduce the risk of resistance, promote environmental sustainability and so help farmers produce safe, high quality and high yield crops.”

As part of helping farmers find the right balance of agricultural inputs, Eduardo is also testing a number of novel technologies. “I am trialing plant growth regulators and micro-nutrients to manage common foliar diseases such as soybean rust and grey leaf spot on corn, a disease that causes losses of 6 million metric tonnes in the United States alone. My goal is understand the biology of these diseases and how they interact with crop protection compounds in order to optimize the dose, concentration and timing of the crop protection products.”