Laramie Eyben

What inspires farmers and why is their job so important? Laramie Eyben explains:

Why did you want to be a farmer?

Growing up, I was always around the farm, I have always enjoyed the life, the challenges and the rewards. There is nothing else I would want to do.


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What crops do you grow?

On our farm we grow canola , wheat and green peas.

What impact do pests and disease have on your crops?

Pests and disease can take a real toll on crops. Cut worms this spring devoured parts of our canola crops leaving large bare parts in the fields, where we had to reseed and spray to save other parts of the crop. Sclerotinia in canola crops can cause a severe yield loss as it attacks stems of the plant.  We always have to watch the crop and make decisions on whether intervene or not.

In general, how important is it to have access to crop protection products?

With the way crops are being grown now it is extremely important to have access to crop protection products. If we did not have these products, farms could not grow the amount of product that is needed to supply the world.

What inspires you about your job?

As producers, we have to keep growing and adapting in order to meet customer’s needs. We work with many other businesses in the supply chain, but the actual practice of farming is the backbone of feeding the world.


Laramie is a grain farmer from Vermilion, Canada; growing wheat, canola and peas.