Terren Moore

What inspires farmers and why is their job so important? Terren Moore explains:

Why did you want to be a farmer?

I love to grow things. Farming is a connection that everyone shares, because everyone eats. I love growing food for people, and seeing people eat the crop I have sown. It is such a humbling feeling.

What crops do you grow?

My two main crops are southern field peas and okra. These two crops are a southern favorite!


What impact do pests and disease have on your crops?

The main pests I have on my operation are aphids. These aphids will literally suck the life out of a plant, causing it to wilt and die if not treated. I use a synthetic product to treat the aphids. If the plant survives, the aphids will then attack the fruit, causing it to be very “moist” and brown in color. Sometimes it is not severe, but it is best to just treat early and make a beautiful product.

In general, how important is it to have access to crop protection products?

Crop protection products are the reason many farmers are able to harvest a crop. Without crop protection, the crop is liable to several pests and diseases. It is also important that we use these products correctly and think about how they will impact others and the environment. We want to provide a safe, affordable product to the consumer.

Why is your profession important in the challenge to feed the world?

I am not a large scale producer, my personal challenge is not to feed the world. I educate myself on issues and politics that large scale producers face, but that is not my mission. My mission is to be a food source for my local community. I want to feed the people around me and surrounding areas. As far as feeding the world goes, I will continue to be involved with Texas Farm Bureau and work with large scale producers. As a young farmer, it is important to educate myself and others on how our food is produced. We will work together to feed the 9 billion.


What inspires you about your job?

It is so inspirational when I can go into town and get complimented on the quality of my produce. When people know you for being a farmer, that is so humbling. All the trials and tribulations I face just make me stronger. Knowing that you can take a seed and turn it into a fresh meal on someone’s place is very inspiring. My help comes from The Lord. Without Him, I would not have the ability to farm and feed the people around me. I am very humbled by what I do.



Terren is a pea and okra farmer and member of the Texas Farm Bureau from Stephenville, Texas.