Communicating the Value of Plant Science to the Public

Promoted Farmers’ Role in Agriculture Through Coalition

value_of_PS-01CropLife International is a strong supporter of Farming First, a global coalition for sustainable agricultural development. In 2015, CropLife International played an active role in the coalition’s advocacy efforts to promote the story of agriculture to meet the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs). The Farming First coalition organized delegations to the UN to bring farmer voices into the SDG negotiations, which resulted in securing several prominent speaking opportunities for our spokespeople in the main UN plenary sessions. To coincide with the UN’s official signing of the SDGs, Farming First engaged its supporters to collect firsthand views from the farmers with whom they work on how the SDGs would impact them.

CropLife International also worked within the coalition on its media partnership with the World Food Prize, resulting in a number of high-profile news clips in international outlets. Moving forward, the coalition looks to expand on its success by developing creative products on science and innovation, climate-smart agriculture, and inspiring youth to pursue careers in agriculture.

Lead the Plant Science Conversation on Social Media

value_of_PS-03CropLife International continues to lead the plant science industry conversation online.

In 2015, CropLife International’s website visits increased by 163 percent, its Twitter following topped 9,000 followers, and LinkedIn and Facebook both more than doubled their audience reach.

The flagship monthly newsletter Plant Science Post – packed full of infographics, videos and stories on important topics for the industry – remains the biggest driver of users to online content and social media platforms. Topics covered by Plant Science Post over 2015 include: Why all the fuss over biotech? What is intellectual property? And: Can we eradicate hunger by 2030? The newsletter resources are distributed widely by the global CropLife network and translated into multiple languages.

CropLife International has recently launched new social media accounts with Instagram, SlideShare and Medium to ensure maximum audience reach through a wide range of platforms.

The association also continued to develop new interactive content for its website, such as: A Seed Story, an infographic that walks online visitors through the process of creating a biotech seed; and Biotech 201: Plant Biotechnology, an overview of the biotech crops around the world.