WANTED: 5 Bad Bug Thugs

WANTED: 5 Bad Bug Thugs

May 5, 2015
Food Quality & Nutrition 

Every year insects around the world destroy millions of tons of crops meant for human consumption. Here are five of the biggest culprits:

1. Western Corn Rootworm AKA The Maize Muncher:

This bug thug costs the U.S. $800 million each year due to yield loss.


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2. Silverleaf White Fly AKA The Cassava Killer:

Don’t be fooled by its harmless appearance, this bug spreads a disease that devastates crops.


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 3. Southern Green Stink Bug AKA The Soybean Sucker:

Seeing green? Watch out – this bad bug thug threatens soybean crops in Argentina and Brazil.


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4. Brown Planthoppers AKA The Rice Ravager:

This bug thug and his cronies destroy 1 million tons of rice in China every year.


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5. Wheat Bulb Fly AKA The Grain Grabber:

This pint-sized bug thug is one of the most serious pests of wheat in the UK.


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