AgTech for 2020 and Beyond

AgTech for 2020 and Beyond

January 22, 2020
Investment & Innovation 

Every day, farmers are confronted with challenges that profoundly impact both them and society, including growing enough food while protecting the environment.

Investment in agricultural innovation from private and public institutions helps them with functional solutions to those challenges and paves the way for an even better future.

On this page, find out how:

  • Intelligent computers are improving the chemistry behind crop protection products, making them safer and more effective.
  • Farming apps are helping to diagnose problems with crops on an individual basis
  • Drones are allowing smallholders to spray crops efficiently while collecting information on issues such as diseases and pests

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Dr. Toshiyuki Harada, Research Associate, Sumitomo Chemical, explains the cutting-edge technology giving researchers highly detailed, accurate insight into the chemistry of crop protection.


Jamie Marshall-Roberts, Global Digital Agronomy Development Lead, Sygenta, discusses how farming apps help farmers protect crops in a highly efficient way by arming them with important data.


Drone technology is transforming global farming. Dr Diana Moran Puente, Global Sustainability Agricultural Solutions, BASF, explains how they are creating opportunities for smallholders.

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