Fashion from the Field

Fashion from the Field

February 12, 2016

We rely on crops for more than just the food we eat – we also need them for the clothes on our backs, such as cotton or linen. And just like insects and diseases attack crops grown for food, they also attack crops grown for textiles!

Plant scientists are working hard to stay one step ahead of pests to help farmers protect their crops. That way, farmers can earn a good living and you can continue to look fabulous! Check out our infographics to see which five plants give us our favorite clothes.


Bamboo can make an excellent hat, but farmers can lose their crop if it is not protected from predatory insects. Tweet this



Cotton farmers around the world have increased their income thanks to insect-resistant biotech cotton Tweet This



Flax helps make a good summer shirt, but farmers need to protect the crop from insects to get it to your hanger in one pieceTweet this



Crops like hemp help us look fabulous, but we would be naked without crop protection to grow a healthy crop. Tweet this



We take our jute hats off to the plant scientists that help protect the crop from attacks from plant diseases.  Tweet this