How Youth Envision Global Food Systems in 50 Years

How Youth Envision Global Food Systems in 50 Years

August 25, 2021
Climate Change  Food Quality & Nutrition  Food Security 

Youth should play a central role in global food systems because the world’s youth will be most impacted by the policies implemented today. At the United Nations Food Systems Summit Pre-Summit, key youth leaders emphasized their desire and willingness to play a key role in transforming our food systems. We have a responsibility to make sure their voices are heard.

We spoke with young climate, nutrition and policy leaders across the globe and asked them directly: “Where do you see our food systems in 50 years?” While these advocates are geographically and linguistically diverse, they are united in a universal mission to create a future of nature-positive, sustainable food production. Listen to their ideas, below.

The youth of today are more than ready to tackle these issues. From Brazil to Lebanon and beyond, these leaders are just a small representation of the nearly 1 billion young people living on Earth today. They’re bringing more to the table than just ideals—they’re bringing actionable plans. It’s our duty to make sure their voices are heard and considered, so that their ideas can come to fruition and set our planet on the correct course.

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