Let’s Cook: Food Production in a Modern Age

Let’s Cook: Food Production in a Modern Age

August 16, 2018

Let’s Cook! is a series presented by Graeme Taylor – foodie, former MasterChef UK contestant and European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) Director of Public Affairs. Graeme Taylor and Will Evans come together in this episode to prepare a summer salad. Will Evans is a farmer and host of the podcast Rock and Roll Farming.

This inaugural episode looks at the challenges farmers face producing food, food waste, EU consumer attitude towards food production, and digital trends in agriculture education.

While preparing ingredients and assembling a healthy dish, Will explains “There are a million things that want to kill my crops; the more options we have to fight against them, the more safe and affordable food we can grow.”

Even with the use of safe pesticides, up to 40% of crop yields are lost globally each year. Due to environmental pressures and the need to meet growing demand for food, this percentage is expected to increase significantly in the years ahead.