Smallholder Farmers Prospering with Plant Science

Smallholder Farmers Prospering with Plant Science

October 10, 2016

For a small-scale farmer in the developing world, a healthy crop can be the difference between prosperity and poverty. Watch three farmers from India, Ghana and Honduras explain how their lives have transformed thanks to plant science knowledge and training.

Emiliano is a small-scale farmer living in the mountains of western Honduras. The 33-year-old father of three grows maize, potatoes and strawberries and like any farmer he is wary of the pests and diseases that could destroy his crops. “You feel really bad when you don’t have enough to provide for your children,” he says. Watch his story here.


Not only do people love cocoa, so do pests; about 30-40 percent of the cocoa crop in West Africa is lost to pests annually. Learn from Agnes Quaye about how a pest-free farm has increased her quality of life. “The financial difficulties we were having have been reduced,” she notes. Watch her story here.

Rajoli Eranna is a local farmer in the Adoni region of Andhra Pradesh, India. Since he has been trained on Integrated Pest Management and responsible use of crop protection products his farm has prospered. “If we do not use pesticides, our yield decreases,” he says. Watch his story here.