Top Five Videos on Food Waste

Top Five Videos on Food Waste

June 6, 2016
Food Quality & Nutrition 

Check out these five videos from the UN Food and Agricultural Organization that show the magnitude of global food loss and waste:

1: Each year, one-third of all the food that the world produces is lost or wasted. This results in wasted natural resources as well.

2: Almost half of all fruits and vegetables produced worldwide are lost or wasted – equivalent to 3.7 trillion apples. Fresh produce has among the highest wastage rates of any food products.

3: Thirty percent of cereal crops are lost globally. In industrialized countries, consumers throw away 286 million tons of cereal products – equivalent to 763 billion boxes of pasta.

4: Every year, 22 percent of the global production of oilseeds and pulses is lost or wasted. That’s the same as the number of olives needed to produce enough oil to fill nearly 11,000 Olympics-sized swimming pools.

5: Roots and tuber food losses account for 45 percent. In North America and Oceania, 5.8 million tons of these foods are wasted at the consumption stage alone, which equates to more than 1 billion bags of potatoes.