WANTED: Top 5 Weed Thieves

WANTED: Top 5 Weed Thieves

May 3, 2016

Of the 30,000 weed species worldwide affecting crops, about 230 are responsible for 90 percent of yield losses. Here are examples of weed thieves in regions around the world that steal yield from crops. Without intervention, such as the use of herbicides and biotech herbicide-tolerant seeds, these thieves can take a lot of cropland!

1. WANTED: Giant Ragweed ǀ also known as (AKA) “Towering Troublemaker”

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2. WANTED: Pigweed ǀ AKA “Hogging Henchman”

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 3. WANTED: Mile-a-Minute Weed ǀ AKA ” Scaling Strangler”

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4. WANTED: Speargrass ǀ AKA “Blazing Blindsider”

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5. WANTED: Common Chickweed ǀ AKA “Sleepless Smuggler”

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