Abdu Rahim

Farmer and spray service provider Ghana
You must always look out for insects, when you see them, you need to call me

Abdu teaches farmers how to identify and combat pests on their cocoa farms 

Abdu Rahim is a cocoa farmer, and he has also been trained as a spray service provider (SSP). SSP’s help the wider farming community by identifying pests, providing advice on their management and, when needed, properly applying crop protection products on their cocoa farms.

Despite having an abundance of natural and human resources West Africa remains one of the most underdeveloped regions in the world. With up to 60 percent  of the labor force working in the agricultural sector, providing farmers with access to more sustainable farming practices is essential.

Abdu is one of over 3,000 spray service providers in West Africa. Together they help more than 40,000 farmers to protect their harvests every year.

“Not only were we trained to spray cocoa, but other crops as well. Everybody tells you that there has never been a harvest like this year, therefore I know it has helped the town,” he says.