Defining Innovation & Policies That Incentivize and Support It

Innovation, like so many buzzwords, is a term used so often and in so many different contexts that, without further definition and specificity, is a meaningless codeword. Having a productive conversation or debate about innovation in agriculture first requires moving beyond generic terms and into a more granular discussion.

The most inclusive yet specific way of characterizing distinct types of innovations I’ve seen comes from an organization called Doblin (part of Deloitte) and their Ten Types of Innovations. This breaks down the types of innovations into configuration (how you organize, connect with others, create value, and conduct your work); offerings (products and systems); and experience (how users engage with you, what they think of you, how they acquire your offerings, and how you continuously support stakeholders). Keeping a framework like this in mind is helpful when discussing challenges in the utilization of innovation.

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