Paving the Way for Innovation in Plant Science

A message from Howard Minigh and Markus Heldt

CropLife International’s member companies continue to be committed to research and development for new crop protection and plant biotechnology products and technologies despite a challenging economic environment. As the world’s population increases, the industry has a responsibility to provide innovative choices and solutions to help farmers meet future food and feed demand sustainably.

In 2016, we proudly celebrated one of those innovative solutions — plant biotechnology — reaching its 20-year anniversary of commercial plantings. Since biotech crops were first planted in 1996, biotechnology innovations have boosted crop yields by up to 22 percent, saved 132 million hectares from being turned into farmland, and increased farmer incomes as high as 68 percent. Part of the reason for the technology’s adoption and success at the farm level is due to the forward-looking policymakers who saw the role biotech could play in increasing productivity, preserving natural resources, and enabling food and nutrition security.

Given farmers continue to face the daily threat of pests, weeds and diseases that can destroy crops and impact livelihoods, access to crop protection products and technologies remains vital if we are to meet global goals of helping to eradicate hunger and poverty by 2030 by increasing our productivity on existing land. CropLife International is committed to ensuring that farmers use crop protection products responsibly, and we advocate for policy decisions that do not arbitrarily limit these tools from a farmer’s toolbox.

Today’s farmers are utilizing plant science solutions that help them farm more sustainably, increase their productivity, and be accountable to the consumers whom they serve. We invite you to read our 2016 annual report, which showcases our commitment to helping farmers meet the global food security challenges ahead.

howard_minighHoward Minigh
CropLife International’s President and
Chief Executive Officer
markus_heldtMarkus Heldt
Chairman of CropLife International’s
Board of Directors

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