Public Participation

During their fifth meeting in 2010, the Parties to the Protocol adopted a programme of work on Article 23[1] which addresses public awareness and participation concerning the safe transfer, handling and use of LMOs.  The decision invited governments and relevant organizations to implement the programme and share their experiences and lessons learned through the Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH).  The programme includes four elements: 1) capacity-building; 2) public awareness and education; 3) public access to information; and, 4) public participation.  Parties were encouraged to make use of existing committees to provide advice and guidance on the implementation of the programme of work and the Secretariat was invited to establish an online forum and other means needed to facilitate exchange of information and experiences. Parties decided to review this Programme of Work at COP/MOP-8 in the light of experiences gained during the past six years.  The Global Industry Coalition views on Article 23 generally, as well as on the proposed draft decision for consideration at COP/MOP-8, can be found here.