Transit and Contained Use

Article 6 of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety addresses transit and contained use of living modified organisms (LMOs), noting that the provisions of the Protocol with respect to the advance informed agreement procedure do not apply to LMOs in transit (paragraph 1) or destined for contained use (paragraph 2).

At their ninth meeting (COP/MOP-9), Parties will consider a report from the Compliance Committee which was asked to assess if information that has been submitted to the BCH under contained use is in accordance with Article 6 of the Protocol. Parties will also consider a compilation of information submitted to the BCH by 28 Parties and other Governments addressing practical guidance on specific measures for contained use that effectively limit the contact of LMOs with, and their impact on, the external environment. Click here for the GIC’s views on the proposed elements of a draft decision on contained use at COP/MOP-9.