The biotech sector is one of the most carefully regulated industries in the world. Biotech products must meet an exhaustive series of regulatory requirements to ensure environmental and human safety before they are released onto the market.

Sound regulation and proper stewardship are essential to ensure the responsible and sustainable use of biotechnology. CropLife International supports a global, innovation-friendly regulatory environment – one that is predictable, transparent, and guided by good science. Science-based regulation is the most effective way to ensure farmers have the choice of the best available technologies to help them meet their own agricultural needs in a sustainable way.

We work with international institutions and governments to ensure the introduction of transparent, workable standards based on sound science and risk assessments that are harmonized where possible. Unfortunately, the regulation of plant biotechnology is currently far from harmonized. Different regions have different approaches and do not recognize the validity of other countries’ approvals. And not all countries base their decisions on scientific evidence: in Europe in particular, decision-making is often political. Such differences do nothing to protect consumers or the environment, but instead create unnecessary barriers to innovation and trade.