Since the earliest days of plant biotechnology, researchers and technology providers have focused on stewardship practices to help assure the safety of and promote the responsible use of this innovative technology.

CropLife International and its members are committed to the responsible management of every product through each stage of the entire life cycle from its inception in research, through product development, to commercialization, to product phase out.

CropLife International member companies adhere strictly to a Plant Biotechnology Code of Conduct. This code describes companies’ commitment to a common set of business ethics and philosophies regarding biotech stewardship.

The plant biotechnology industry has a strong history of initiatives supporting quality management programs, product stewardship, and compliance with government regulations on biotech-derived plants. To help ensure that researchers, technology providers and technology users worldwide are using the technology responsibly, CropLife International has developed white papers and manuals on a wide variety of stewardship issues such as field trial compliance, integrated pest management, and integrated weed management. These white papers and manuals are the basis for training workshops that are held annually across the world.

4.2 Stewardship-cycle