Resistance Management

Agricultural production has historically endured huge losses to pests and disease, and many methods of pest control have limited life spans — pests adapt or evolve resistance, which can reduce the long-term utility of control methods. Insect and herbicide resistance management are challenges that all farmers must face — resistance is not unique to plant biotechnology, though biotech crops do bring some unique considerations that must be addressed by technology providers and farmers.

Similar to all stewardship programs, resistance management practices require a diversity of tools, and must evolve and be flexible. Local agricultural conditions will help define what types of resistance management programs are needed, and they must be continuously reviewed and reconsidered.

CropLife International and its members are committed to advancing the understanding and practice of resistance management. To help growers, food value chain members, and regulators better understand pest resistance and how to develop, implement, and review proper resistance management strategies, the plant biotechnology industry has developed training manuals and materials on insect resistance management and integrated weed management. To learn more about CropLife International’s resistance management programs, visit the Insect Resistance Management, Integrated Weed Management, and Stewardship Workshop pages.