CropLife International’s stewardship program focuses on promoting the responsible use of plant biotechnology, supporting the continued global adoption of plant biotechnology, and enhancing the value of biotech-derived products in the marketplace.  One way to do this is through stewardship training workshops that educate diverse audiences on stewardship practices, and how to comply with regulatory guidelines.  These workshops are especially useful in countries that are beginning to adopt plant biotechnology and are working to better understand how to responsibly use and manage the technology, as well as provide a model around which biosafety guidelines can be developed.

Over the last few years, CropLife International has hosted stewardship workshops all over the world.  These workshops have helped to educate regulators, policy makers, legislators, food value chain stakeholders, technology providers, academic researchers, and farmers on how to correctly and safely work with biotech crops.  In addition to receiving training materials, workshop participants engage in stimulating and productive dialogue with members of the public and private sector, the government, and the food value chain.