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CropLife International Encourages Further Progress on Trade as U.S.-China 100-Day Action Plan Ends

Plant Biotechnology Position Paper Jul 18, 2017

Plant Breeding Innovation

Global Issues Video Jul 13, 2017

Infographic Summarizing Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops in 2016

The infographic summarizes the latest data from the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA), found in its annual report, “Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2016.”

Plant Biotechnology Infographic May 15, 2017

CropLife International Welcomes Clear Timeline for China-U.S. Agricultural Trade Decisions

Brussels – 13 May 2017 – CropLife International’s Howard Minigh, president and chief executive officer, released the following statement in response to the 100-Day Action Plan of the U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue.

Plant Biotechnology News Item May 13, 2017

Compositional and Nutritional Safety Assessment of Stacked Trait Products and their Lower Order Combinations

This comparative safety assessment process focuses on the assessment of any differences between the GM crop (and/or food and feed) and its conventional counterpart; and includes detailed molecular, compositional, phenotypic, and agronomic analyses.

Plant Biotechnology Position Paper May 12, 2017

Environmental Risk Assessment for Low Level Environmental Exposure to Genetically Modified Plants: Grain Import Scenarios

This document provides considerations for conducting an environmental risk assessment that accounts for low environmental exposure to genetically modified plants relative to exposure under commercial cultivation conditions.

Plant Biotechnology Position Paper May 12, 2017

Leading the Vision – Stewardship in the Plant Science Industry – Issue 8

Leading the Vision is a bi-annual newsletter highlighting stewardship activities in the global CropLife network.

Crop Protection
Plant Biotechnology
News Item May 09, 2017

Decoding the International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management

This article is about Croplife International’s e-learning tool which objective it is to make it easy for everyone in the crop protection industry to “decode” the articles in the Code. It also plays an important role for stakeholders interested in understanding the Code and how the industry contributes to its implementation.


Crop Protection Document May 09, 2017

Code of Conduct: The new e-Learning Tool

A new e-learning tool to help navigate the International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management (slide deck).

Crop Protection Document May 09, 2017

Global Plant Science Industry Celebrates Earth Day

22 April 2017–Nearly 400,000 plant species provide our planet with the nutritious food, fiber, fresh air, and medicine we need to survive, but it is estimated that roughly one-fifth of those are at risk of extinction due to environmental threats. On this 47th anniversary of Earth Day, CropLife International and the plant science industry have joined together to celebrate the agricultural innovations that have improved the productivity, health and quality of crops while reducing agriculture’s environmental impact.

Global Issues News Item Apr 21, 2017

Technical Monograph 2, 7th Edition – Revised March 2017

Technical Monograph n°2, 7th Edition – Revised March 2017 – Catalogue of pesticide formulation types and international coding system.

Crop Protection Document Apr 18, 2017

CRISTAL Co-Pack Recommendations

In this document, you will find the recommendations from CRISTAL regarding the key data for traceability (GTIN, batch number, production date) and their handling for co-packs and twin packs.

Crop Protection Document Apr 06, 2017

Protecting Pollinators Through Good Stewardship Practices

Advice on best practices for using crop protection products.

Crop Protection Document Apr 03, 2017

Obsolete and Unwanted Pesticide Stocks: Practical Guidance on Safeguarding, Disposal and Prevention

This  guidance booklet is aimed at all those who may be interested in the issue of obsolete stocks, whether they are national authorities, donor organizations, UN and other global agencies, NGOs, crop protection companies, members of the media, or other parties. The intention is to present easy to understand guidance with links to websites and literature providing a more in-depth exposition of particular areas. Contact and website details of key parties are listed for additional assistance.

Crop Protection Document Mar 21, 2017

Pollinator Stewardship Guidelines

While recently reported declines in some pollinators cannot be attributed to any one cause, crop protection companies, farmers, beekeepers, scientists and the public can and should work together to reduce the risks and help to protect pollinator health. This compendium identifies a variety of guidelines and documents supporting pollinator stewardship directed at farmers, bee-keepers and advisors.

Crop Protection Document Mar 14, 2017