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Fall Armyworm Position Paper

CropLife International’s position paper on Fall Armyworm and how to manage it effectively.

Crop Protection
Plant Biotechnology
Position Paper Oct 16, 2018

Global Industry Coalition Views on the SBSTTA Debate

The Global Industry Coalition (GIC) continues to have significant concerns with the ongoing negotiations on risk assessment and risk management of LMOs under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, in particular, how gaps in existing guidance are identified and selected for further consideration in the absence of consensus by the Parties that such work is justified.  The proposed recommendations continue the inefficient and unproductive work that has occurred on this issue since 2004, using the same mechanisms that have not led to beneficial outcomes for the Parties.  The GIC is firmly of the view that the SBSTTA should discontinue this repetitious work.  SBSTTA is instead requested to recommend work on developing objective and agreed-upon criteria to determine whether further work on risk assessment is warranted. An appropriate mechanism for this activity is an online forum that would allow for the participation of a wide spectrum of experts to engage and support outcomes fully-informed by appropriate expertise.

Plant Biotechnology Document Oct 05, 2018

Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety Article 26: Socio-economic Considerations in Decision-making on Living Modified Organisms

Article 26 of the Protocol provides that Parties may take into account socio-economic considerations in reaching a decision on import of LMOs, but only to the extent consistent with that country’s other international obligations. The document provides the Global Industry Coalition’s views on this topic, as of October 2018.

Plant Biotechnology Document Oct 05, 2018

The Challenges Facing Agriculture and the Plant Science Industry in the EU

A new report from Agbioinvestor shows how regulation on biotechnology and pesticides has left EU farmers at a competitive disadvantage, while the world’s major farm markets continue to thrive.

Global Issues Document Sep 04, 2018

Leading the Vision – Stewardship in the Plant Science Industry – Issue 10

A bi-annual newsletter highlighting stewardship activities in the global CropLife network.

Global Issues Document Aug 27, 2018

Site Directed Nucleases (SDN) for targeted genome modification

Various tools can be used to achieve targeted DNA double strand break, which are collectively under the term “site directed nucleases” (SDNs), pointing out the general principle of the technology to use a DNA cutting enzyme (nuclease) for the generation of the targeted (i.e., site directed) double strand break facilitating targeted genome modification. This document is intended to serve as a reference for characterizing various technical outcomes of SDN as either “SDN-1”, “SDN-2” or “SDN-3”, categorizing them by the mechanism of the DNA repair process and the respective outcome.

Plant Biotechnology Position Paper Aug 07, 2018

Effective Management of Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs)

Crop protection products are designed to protect crops from insects, diseases and weeds. They do so by controlling pests that infect, consume or damage crops. Some products are highly toxic in order to control a group of specific pests or highly threatening diseases. Risk assessment and management identify the appropriate uses for crop protection products and promote stewardship measures for their responsible use.

Crop Protection Document Aug 07, 2018

Plant Biotech Industry Welcomes Procedure to Avoid Conflicts of Interest in Expert Groups Convened Under the Convention on Biological Diversity

CropLife International congratulates the Subsidiary Body on Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SBI) on a decision that recommends to the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity that they adopt a decision outlining a procedure for avoiding or managing conflicts of interest by members of expert groups established under the Conventions and its subsidiary Protocols. CropLife International’s statement is available for download below.

Plant Biotechnology News Item Jul 16, 2018

EHS Information for the Crop Protection Industry

An example of incident reporting.

Crop Protection Jun 22, 2018
Crop Protection Document Jun 04, 2018

The Impact of Delays in Chinese Approvals of Biotech Crops

In recent years, China has taken considerably longer to approve new biotech crop “events” than have other countries. CropLife International (CLI) commissioned Informa’s Agribusiness Consulting Group (Informa) to conduct an analysis of the agricultural and broader economic impacts of these delays in Chinese approvals.

Informa’s analysis was conducted in two phases. The first phase focuses on biotech events approved by China over the last six years, while the second phase addresses conditions over the next 3-5 years. This report addresses each phase separately.

Plant Biotechnology Document May 30, 2018

Informa Study Quantifies Significant Economic and Social Benefits from Timely Regulation of Ag Biotech Products

Predictable import approvals support new innovations for farmers, consumers, and the environment. 

Plant Biotechnology News Item May 30, 2018

CropLife International Statement on Indian Court Ruling that Jeopardizes Agricultural Innovation

In April 2018, the Delhi High Court ruled to invalidate a patent for an insect resistant biotech cotton variety. This decision sets a far-damaging precedent for intellectual property rights and the future of innovation in India for the plant biotech and many other industries. CropLife International’s  statement is available for download below:

Plant Biotechnology News Item May 29, 2018

CropLife International Issues Statement on Proposed China Tariff

In response to the proposed U.S. tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce released a list of potential U.S. products that might be subject to import levies. This list include a proposed 25 percent tax on U.S. soybean imports. CropLife International’s statement is available for download below:

Plant Biotechnology News Item Apr 09, 2018
Crop Protection Document Apr 04, 2018