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News Release – Plant Science Industry Says 2004 Figures Represent Start of New Era of Growth for Biotech Crops

The announcement from ISAAA that 2004 witnessed the second highest hectarage growth of biotech crops on record represents an international vote of confidence in the benefits of biotechnology for consumers and farmers, particularly in developing countries.

Plant Biotechnology News Item Jan 12, 2005

News Release – CropLife supports OECD Vision for Global Approach to the Regulation of Agricultural Pesticides

The plant science industry joined the EPA and Canada’s PMRA today to affirm its commitment to improve regulatory harmonisation and advance work-sharing of pesticide reviews across OECD governments. “We welcome and support OECD’s vision.”

Crop Protection News Item Jan 02, 2005

The Role of Agricultural Technologies and Biodiversity Conservation

Case studies illustrating agricultural technologies and biodiversity conservation, including Integrated Crop Management, Integrated Pest Management, and the optimized use of crop protection products, adapted to local environmental and economic conditions.

Crop Protection
Global Issues
Document Nov 01, 2004

Technical Monograph – October 2003

Technical Monograph – Anticoagulant Resistance Management Strategy for Pest Management Professionals, Central and Local Government and Other Competent Users of Rodenticides.  This document seeks to provide guidance to advisors, authorities, professionals and others on both the application of rodenticide use strategies that will avoid the development of resistance, and the recognition of anticoagulant resistance and how to manage it.


Crop Protection Document Oct 31, 2004

News Release – Plant Science Technologies Critical to Biodiversity Conservation and Enhancement

CropLife International reminds the international community that Agricultural technologies are necessary for conservation and enhancement of biodiversity, on World Food Day, 16 October 2004. This year’s theme is “Biodiversity for Food Security.”


Global Issues News Item Oct 13, 2004

News Release – Plant Science Industry Pledges its Commitment to Safer Use of Chemicals in Agriculture at Inaugural Conference for Rotterdam Convention

The plant science industry supports the Rotterdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent and is advocating for risk-based decisions in international chemicals management. Ministers and officials from over 100 countries are taking part in the Convention.

Crop Protection News Item Sep 21, 2004

News Release – Plant Science Industry welcomes International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources

CropLife International welcomes the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources, developed by the (FAO) and currently ratified by 54 countries, as a positive step to facilitating agricultural research in order to achieve sustainable agriculture.

Plant Biotechnology News Item Jun 30, 2004

Letter to Australian government stating position on work on traceability principles – June 2004

Letter dated June 2004 from CropLife International to the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in response to the request for comments on a “Preliminary Set of Principles on Traceability/Product Tracing, April 2004”.

Crop Protection Document Jun 28, 2004

News Release – New Report Examines Innovative Conservation Technologies in Agriculture – June 2004

CropLife International released a report on innovative farming techniques entitled “Conservation Technologies and the Plant Science Industry: Managing Natural Resources Sustainably” on 23 June 2004 at the 4th International Weed Science Congress.

Global Issues News Item Jun 23, 2004

News Release – Addressing the World’s Food Needs Debated at CropLife International’s 2004 Annual Conference

Over 160 influential stakeholders in global agriculture and food production met at CropLife International’s annual conference in Brussels on 3 June 2004 to discuss the role and contribution of the Plant Science Industry in meeting the world’s food needs.

Crop Protection
Plant Biotechnology
News Item Jun 11, 2004

News Release – Plant Science Industry Reiterates Its Call for a Consistent Science-based Regulatory Framework

The Plant Science Industry has reiterated its call to governments worldwide for a consistent and science-based regulatory framework for the research and use of its products in agriculture and the food and feed chain.

Crop Protection News Item Jun 03, 2004

Letter – Comments – Foods derived from Biotech

Letter from Croplife International to the Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau, Japan, regarding Comments on the Draft Terms of Reference and Project Proposal for the New Ad Hoc Intergovernmental Task Force on Foods Derived from Biotechnology – May 2004.

Plant Biotechnology Document May 31, 2004

News Release – Plant Science Industry Highlights its Contribution to Protecting and Conserving Water Resources

Agriculture accounts for some 70% of all water use, and water management is becoming one of the key collective challenges to achieving sustainable development worldwide.

Global Issues News Item May 22, 2004

News Release – Plant Science Industry Welcomes Positive Developments in Biotech

CropLife International welcomes developments in agricultural biotechnology as confirmation of the benefits, safety and compatibility of this technology, and hopes that governments will adopt this as a safe complement to other agricultural technologies.

Plant Biotechnology News Item May 19, 2004

Integrated Pest Management – Summary Leaflet

This brochure covers: definition of IPM; prevention, observation and intervention; technologies and services required for IPM implementation; role of the plant science industry in developing IPM strategies; plant science industry’s policy on IPM.

Crop Protection Document May 01, 2004