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Position Paper – Integrated Pest Management

CropLife is committed to Integrated Pest Management as defined by the FAO Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides, as an economically viable and socially acceptable approach to crop protection.

Crop Protection Document Mar 01, 2001

Position Paper – Harmonisation of Pesticide Registration

Harmonization must reduce the time from submission of a registration package to a decision on that package. Harmonization must provide measurable financial benefit in data generation. Harmonization must permit increased cooperation among regulators.

Crop Protection Document Mar 01, 2001

Position Paper – Benefits of Using Crop Protection Products with Specific Reference to Habitat Preservation and Biodiversity

Research into agricultural science has lead to extraordinary progress in food production, and, as understanding of the interrelationships among world population increase, higher-yield farming and the preservation of natural resources became essential.

Crop Protection
Global Issues
Document Mar 01, 2001

Position Paper – Precautionary Approach

In the context of Risk Assessment and Risk Management policies, CropLife International supports the application of a precautionary approach when there is a threat of serious or irreversible damage to human health or to the environment.

Global Issues Document Mar 01, 2000

Technical Monograph No 21 – March 1999

Technical Monograph No 21 – Framework for Ecological Risk Assessment of Plant Protection Products.  This paper has been prepared on behalf of GCPF by the European (ECPA) and American (ACPA) Crop Protection Associations in response to the growing need to seek a harmonised approach to Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA). This is of particular concern in the context of the registration and use of crop/plant protection products (CPPs or PPPs) such as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides where regulatory decisionmaking is outpacing the development of ecological risk assessment tools to determine appropriate levels of safety.

Crop Protection Document Mar 31, 1999

Position Paper – Risk Evaluations in the Registration of Pesticides

In certain countries, registration authorities are tending to concentrate increasingly on one parameter of possible risk, instead of total benefit. This trend is seen particularly when regulators think safer alternatives are available.

Crop Protection Document Jun 01, 1997

Guidelines for emergency measures in case of crop protection product poisoning

This booklet provides simple instructions for first-aid management if overexposure to crop protection products should occur, and gives guidance to medical personnel in the subsequent handling of poisoning cases.

Crop Protection Document Jan 01, 1997

Position Paper – Environmental Oestrogens and Endocrine Modulators

Some recent scientific papers suggest certain chemicals may exert hormone-disrupting effects on humans and animals. The “oestrogen hypothesis” is an unproven theory, but the chemical industry takes it seriously and is supporting independent research.

Global Issues Document May 02, 1990

Technical Monograph No 3 – March 1990

Technical Monograph No 3 – Environmental Criteria for the Registration of Pesticides. Assessment of effects on the environment is an integral part of the process of pesticide development and registration. This assessment should be designed to identify potential hazards, and thus enable 8 risks of adverse effects on the environment to be quantified and evaluated in relation to benefits.

Crop Protection Document Mar 31, 1990

Technical Monograph No 10 – January 1985

Technical Monograph No 10 – January 1985 – Options for Ensuring Quality in Stored Pesticide Products. The aim of this paper is to examine various options for dealing with the problem of ensuring that a stored pesticide product is suitable for use.

Crop Protection Document Jan 31, 1985