Nguyen Thi My Trang


Hung Van Tu


Me Thi Le


Phan Anh Tu


Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh

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Nguyen Thi My Trang's story

My Trang is a third-generation rice farmer and mother of three. Years ago, an outbreak of rice grassy stunt virus meant she couldn’t harvest her rice, or pay for her children’s education. After receiving IPM training, she’s boosted her yields and her confidence.

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Hung Van Tu's story

Van Tu has been a rice farmer for over 25 years, and the most dangerous pest he encounters in his rice crop is the planthopper. During his IPM training, Van Tu learnt how to attract and protect planthoppers’ natural enemies, like spiders, to help safeguard his crop.

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Me Thi Le's story

Outbreaks of rice ragged stunt and rice grassy stunt virus were “like a nightmare” for Thi Me and her family. Now she knows how to better protect her crop, and her health, while preventing pests and diseases. And she’s passing her knowledge down to her sons and the local community.

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Phan Anh Tu's story

Anh Tu is a government instructor. He teaches integrated pest management to rice farmers in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, in the classroom and in the field. Anh Tu says pesticides should only be used when necessary, and he shows farmers how to use them responsibly. The training farmers receive from Anh Tu helps them save money, boost yields and protect the environment.

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Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh's story

Ngoc Anh is a Director for the Government’s Plant Protection Department (PPD) in the Dong Thap province. The PPD has partnered with German development organization GIZ, and CropLife International to provide IPM training courses for rice farmers in Vietnam. Ngoc Anh says that, given the importance of rice in Vietnam, a healthy crop can help drive the country’s economy and society.

Ambros Dotzer's story

Ambros Dotzer is a senior technical advisor with GIZ, the German development organisation that’s helping to train Vietnamese rice farmers and retailers in IPM and proper pesticide use. Together with CropLife International, GIZ is working towards a common goal: promoting sustainable agriculture in the Mekong Delta.