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Oranges and Gene Editing: Innovating to Save the Citrus Industry

For more than 10 years, citrus greening disease has affected Florida’s orange industry. A determined group of plant breeders at the University of Florida Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC) in the United States believe new gene editing technologies offer citrus growers a reason to be optimistic.

Plant Biotechnology Case Study Dec 02, 2019

Cassava and Gene Editing: Eliminating Toxins in Cassava to Unlock its Potential

Cassava’s starchy roots produce food and other useful products, even in tough growing conditions. But it is notoriously difficult to breed and requires time-consuming preparation to remove naturally-occurring toxins that can cause cyanide poisoning.

Genome editing promises to make this hardy crop safer and more valuable.

Plant Biotechnology Case Study Dec 02, 2019

Supply Chain Traceability in Agrochemicals

A collaboration between Accenture Strategy and CropLife International to conduct a survey of crop protection supply chain leaders to better understand the current and projected impact of traceability on the supply chain function.

Crop Protection Document Nov 14, 2019

Contamination Prevention in the Manufacture of Crop Protection Products

Contamination Prevention in the Manufacture of Crop Protection Products: Guidelines and Best Practices. This booklet defines the industry standard which should be implemented industry wide: in all facilities of the member companies and their partners in external manufacturing.

Crop Protection Document Oct 25, 2019

CropLife International Appoints New CEO and President

CropLife International is pleased to announce the appointment of Giulia Di Tommaso as its new CEO and President, to continue to lead the plant science industry in its mission to deliver sustainable solutions to farmers.

Global Issues Press Release Sep 05, 2019

EHS Information for the Crop Protection Industry: Fumigation Fire

A fire occurred in a third party warehouse in which routine fumigation of seed was taking place using Aluminium Phosphide tablets. Shortly after an approved and licensed contractor started the fumigation process smoke was seen emanating from the secured warehouse.

Crop Protection Document Jul 24, 2019

Evaluating Crop Protection Container Management Programs

CropLife International and its members play a key role in managing container management programs and some of these schemes have been operating for more than 30 years.

Crop Protection Document Jul 15, 2019

Mode of Action Fact Sheet (French)

This fact sheet looks at mandatory mode of action labeling to enhance resistance management. This is the French version, you can see the English version here.

Crop Protection Infographic Jun 17, 2019

Mode of Action Fact Sheet

This fact sheet looks at mandatory mode of action labeling to enhance resistance management. It is also available in French.

Crop Protection Infographic Jun 17, 2019

Plant Biotech Industry Supports Progress on LLP Collaboration

CropLife International and its partners support the strong statement by Ministers of Agriculture of the US, Canada, Argentina and Brazil at the G20, emphasizing a focus on practical, predictable and transparent solutions that are based on science and that facilitate trade and access to innovation.

Press released republished from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Plant Biotechnology Document May 14, 2019

Chemical Exposure and Risk Assessment During the Manufacturing Process

Guidance for agrochemical companies performing an exposure and risk assessment for hazardous chemicals (including active ingredients) during the manufacturing process.

Crop Protection Guidance Apr 04, 2019

Introduction To Integrated Pest Management – Facilitators Manual

This Facilitators Handbook on IPM training works in conjuction with the IPM manual for trainees. Updated version from March 2008

Crop Protection Document Apr 03, 2019

Tracking the Implementation of SAICM

This document contains examples of how CropLife International is contributing to SAICM’s Overall Orientation and Guidance (OOG) for Achieving the 2020 Goal.

Crop Protection Document Apr 02, 2019

GIC Submission of Information on Risk Assessment

This document presents the GIC’s views on risk assessment and risk management issues related to gene drives and living modified fish.

Plant Biotechnology Document Mar 18, 2019

CropLife International Statement on Global Chemicals Outlook II Report

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has published a summary for policymakers of the Global Chemicals Outlook II: From Legacies to Innovative Solutions – Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Read CropLife International’s reaction here.

Crop Protection News Item Mar 11, 2019