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News release – CropLife International calls on WTO to eliminate tariffs for crop protection chemicals

CropLife International is coordinating efforts by the plant science industry to achieve a reduction or elimination of tariffs for crop protection chemicals around the world.

Crop Protection News Item Sep 08, 2003

News Release – Improved market access and trade facilitation are key for future growth

At the WTO negotiations to be held in Cancun, the members of CropLife International want to see improved market access and trade facilitation for all related industries to ensure healthy future growth in the trade environment for all participants.

Global Issues News Item Sep 04, 2003

Position Paper – Market Access for Crop Protection Products

We support a new multilateral round of trade negotiations and the continuation of the market access negotiations, with the aim of reducing/eliminating tariffs and non-tariff barriers against all chemicals, including crop protection chemicals.

Crop Protection Document Sep 02, 2003

News Release – CropLife Expresses Concern over the World Conservation Union’s (IUCN) Resolution on GMOs

The plant science industry is concerned by the IUCN’s resolution adopted on 22 November 2004, calling for an international moratorium on further releases of GMOs until human and animal health and biodiversity is proven without reasonable doubt to be safe.

Plant Biotechnology News Item Jul 02, 2003

Letter stating position on traceability relating to animal feed

Letter dated May 2003 from CropLife International to the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Rome, in response to the request for comments on the Proposed Draft Code of Practice on Good Animal Feeding (CL 2003/14-AF).

Crop Protection Document May 28, 2003

News Release – CropLife International launches new Reference Guide for Biotech

CropLife International today launched its ‘Reference Guide for Biosafety Frameworks Addressing the Release of Plant Living Modified Organisms (LMOs)’. The Guide is intended to help governments develop national risk assessment and risk management.

Plant Biotechnology News Item May 15, 2003

News Release – US Case against EU de facto Moratorium on Import Approvals for Genetically Enhanced Products

CropLife International believes that the request for a WTO dispute settlement by the United States concerning the de facto European Union moratorium on approvals of imports of new genetically-enhanced products should be resolved expeditiously.

Plant Biotechnology News Item May 13, 2003

Position Paper – Consensus Position on Diagnostic Test Methods for Agricultural Biotechnology Products

Diagnostic methods are an integral part of proper product development, quality control, and regulatory data gathering for agricultural biotechnology products.

Plant Biotechnology Document May 12, 2003

News Release – CropLife International sees dialogue on intellectual property vital to protecting innovation and ensuring food security

CropLife International held its first workshop on the 21st century management of intellectual property in the plant science industry. The workshop was attended by industry members and stakeholders from intergovernmental organizations, farmers and NGOs.

Crop Protection
Plant Biotechnology
News Item Mar 27, 2003

Technical Monograph – February 2003

A Reappraisal of Blood Clotting Response Tests for Anticoagulant Resistance and a proposal for a standardised BCR Test Methodology.  Blood clotting response (BCR) resistance tests are available for a number of anticoagulant rodenticides. However, during the development of these tests many of the test parameters have been changed, making meaningful comparisons between results difficult. It was recognised that a standard methodology was urgently required for future BCR resistance tests and, accordingly, this document presents a reappraisal of published tests, and proposes a standard protocol for future use.

Crop Protection Document Feb 28, 2003

News Release – Plant Science Industry reaffirms commitment to improve rural livelihoods and environment through Integrated Pest Management

CropLife International released a new publication today outlining the plant science industry’s commitment to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in line with the newly revised FAO definition of Integrated Pest Management.

Crop Protection News Item Feb 25, 2003

Position Paper – Croplife International Position on Harmonisation

Early interests in harmonization were led by the FAO. In 1975 FAO established the FAO Committee of Experts on Pesticide Specifications, Registration Requirements and Application Standards. After 1982, the emphasis shifted toward registration procedures.

Crop Protection Document Jan 01, 2003

A Shared Vision – Latin America

Crop Protection Document Nov 20, 2002

News Release – Water and Improved Technology are Key to Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

More than 800m people in the world today are not ‘food secure’. Unless properly managed, access to fresh water may become a key constraint to meeting future food security. Globally, the world has enough water, however the water is poorly distributed.

Global Issues News Item Oct 18, 2002

News Release – Plant Science Industry Welcomes Jo’burg Summit Agreement and Partnership Opportunities

CropLife International welcomes the final agreement at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Jo’burg. “We have been given an opportunity to explain our contribution to sustainable agriculture and our willingness to engage in real partnerships”.

Global Issues News Item Sep 05, 2002